I just love archive...I just love archive...

During my time in the ITV Sport Archive I have seen many coming and goings, and I don’t only mean in personnel. When I joined the world was changing from analogue to digital, 4:3 to 16:9, and it was an exciting time to be joining the fast paced workplace that I have enjoyed for the last 13 years. From football, rugby, motorsport, darts, snooker, cricket and boxing I have seen them all through the door and into the archive.

Archive? I just love archive. I have always loved looking through old material and fortunately at ITV we have a wealth of archive from the 60’s to the current day, and this makes my job very interesting indeed. I still get great joy looking through 1” tapes to see if I can find any hidden gems. One of my first jobs was sending old 2” tapes to the BFI so that they could be transferred to digibeta tape.  Pulling those tapes off the shelf definitely took some muscle. I will never forget the smell of opening the tape boxes up. That smell always brings back good memories and a smile to my face.

Now, in this modern day, we are changing to different file formats and codecs meaning we are in the tapeless world. FTP sites, file storage, download speeds and workflows have become daily discussions. This new era of production/archive needs and wants is very exciting and sets different challenges to the ones of the past. For example, ITV has approximately 175,000 sports tapes held in its main storage facility in Leeds. This has built up over many years and we are in the process of ingesting these tapes so that they are held on smaller, more manageable, file storage cartridges (LT05). These cartridges hold roughly 20 hours of High Definition material and are half the size of an old 124-minute digibeta. The need to lessen our tape storage space is very important and the process of ingesting archive material and storing on LT05 is ongoing.

In the tapeless environment we are not only concerned with how many tapes we have in Leeds or archiving to LT05, We are also concerned with how many terabytes we are using and storage space on the server. The server is only so big and we have to manage the space on this server. It’s a constant flow of getting material into the system and back off again to the storage. ITV Sport get material back on a wide range of drives, cards, tapes that require a good knowledge of processes to make it work.

In the Sport Archive we don’t only deal with newborn and archive material we also deal with sales. On a daily basis we advise customers on rights and work out the costs involved. Liaising with customers can be very rewarding and I have conversed with some great people in my time here.

Is my job boring? Never.

I have come a long way from bars and tone…..

bars and tone