Champions League 25th Anniversary -

Best Of The Rest Round-Up

The Champions League returns this week and we are celebrating it here at ITV Sport Archive by going through our vault to find some of the best games featuring British clubs since the competition began 25 years ago.

We've put together a montage video celebrating some of the best matches from the four English sides who have competed the most in the Champions League in the last 25 years. We look at back Sir Alex Ferguson's Man United's victory over the iconic Fiorentina side back in 2000. A Gianfranco Zola inspired Chelsea beating Barcelona at the Bridge in the same year. In 2002, Bayer Leverkusen defied the odds to make it the Champions League final, but on the way the were completely outclassed by a vintage Arsenal at Highbury in the second group phase. And finally, we look back at memborable night at Anfield in 2005 when Liverpool beat Juventus on route to their five European Cup success.

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