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   Event / Programme Title    Date    Details
B + I Ferries World Masters 1984 Semi-Finals from London: Eddie Charlton v Sven Olaf Olsen| and Jim Rempe v Andy Loppas

First National Pool 1981 John Man v Steve Clark

Singles Champions Final 1981 John Man v Steve Davis

The Dry Blackthorn 1983 Championship 1983 From London. Semi-Finals: Charlie Nolan v Norman Fasa and Andy Loppas v Alex Shennan. Final: Andy Loppas v Charlie Nolan

The Dry Blackthorn 1984 Championship

1984 From London. Semi-Finals: Joe Barbara v Norman Fasa and Dave Linton v Steve Josephs. Final: Peter Fox v Alex Sherman

The Great Pool Shoot Out, New York 1979 Minnesota Fats v Willie Mosconi

The Holsten 1983 Champion of Champions, London 1983 From London. Semi-Finals: Alex Sherman v Anthony Fettah and Peter Fox v Steve Josephs.  Final:  Peter Fox v Alex Sherman

The Holsten 1984 Champion of Champions,  London 1984 From London. Semi-Finals: Zenon Lembicz v Maltese Joe Barbara and Andy Loppas v Mick McGoldrick Final:  Zenon Lembicz v Mick McGoldrick

The Suzuki UK Masters 1982 Ross McInnes from Scotland v Maltese Joe Barbara from London

The Yugo Cars European Championship
1985 Semi-Finals: Linton v Barbara and Lana v Jonasson. Final: Barbara v Lana

Trick Shot Exhibition New York 1979 Clips of various Players